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Guardians of the Garden
Eli Gold X Tsoku Maela

Caguwa (/... /Swahili, Rwanda • pronounced {Tcha-Ku-Wa}) refers to clothing and shoes
donated and imported from Europe that have become a multi-million dollar second-hand
industry on the African continent. The word means Choose, characterized by the
insurmountable amount of clothes entering the market place where consumers can pick from
the litter of unwanted garments from first world countries at a fraction of the original price.
Even underwear.
Local textile industries have suffered from the growth of this second-hand clothing market,
which has also had an adverse impact on local economies and livelihoods of many. Africa has
once again become the dumping ground for Europe and the Americas’ waste, and
generously so.
In this project, we used the ideology of Caguwa and its consequences on the growth of Africa as a
metaphor for our relationship with the environment and its implications on our well-being,
spiritually, mentally and otherwise.

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