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My journey is inspired my life’s purpose; my personal legend”. Although I never imagined I would be in fashion, now it makes perfect sense. I always grew up around colourful fabrics and prints, and I was quite the fashionister growing up, but was in my last year of business management that I fully embraced my personal legend. To me, fashion is more about a story than clothing. Fashion is emotion and passion, and with every garment I design, I remember my story. I become that hopeful little boy all over again. I remember that strength comes from pain, that joy comes from sorrow,I see the light at end of the tunnel,the sun after the storm and I see rivers flowing through the highest mountains. My spirit recalls the exquisite African sunset, the irresistible desert flowers, the wild animals, the 1000 hills of Rwanda, the fathers, mothers, daughters and sons of  Africa.

...and I see MASA MARA.


MASA MARA captures the harmony that can exist between the past and the present; the traditional and the modern. Designs honors the cultural wear of various tribes while blending these elements with urban active wear, with the aim of introducing traditional values to today’s generation, while celebrating their innovation.

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